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National Geographic Kids Volcanoes!

by Anne Schreiber

      I often find children's science books to be handy references for adults, with basic information and clear illustrations right at your fingertips. National Geographic Kids Volcanoes! by Anne Schreiber is no exception. The information the author presents in this little volume has just about everything a young reader would want to know about volcanoes. It tells about plate tectonics and how volcanoes form, the ring of fire, what happens during an eruption, and different types of volcanoes and lava. The photographs are incredibly beautiful, as you would expect coming from National Geographic. The diagrams are easy to read and very understandable. Even the glossary includes photographs and diagrams to illustrate each word's definition. And, to add a bit of fun, there are Hot Facts and Word Blast snippets sprinkled throughout the text and a joke at the top of nearly every page.

National Geographic Children's Books is to be commended on science readers such as this one. Not only is the information presented in a strikingly visual way, but each book is geared for a specific reading level. The National Geographic Science Readers range from Pre-Readers to Level 4 (chapter books). National Geographic Kids Volcanoes! is a Level 2 reader for youngsters who are reading independently. This book, of course, can be read to pre-schoolers who have a curiosity about nature.

Books of this nature were practically unheard of when my children were small. My daughter was an early reader and loved fiction as well as science (We had to dig into more advanced science books together to get the information she wanted), and my son was a reluctant reader who only enjoyed books that gave him practical information. (He reads avidly today to keep up with the latest trends in food and wine in his profession.). These National Geographic Science Readers would have been perfect for them to read independently and begin their own research.

If you have youngsters who are fascinated by nature and science, track down National Geographic Kids Volcanoes! and any of the National Geographic Science Readers for them. I highly recommend these books.

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National Geographic Children's Books
July 8, 2008
1426302851 / 978-1426302855
Non-fiction, Nature / Children Ages 3-9
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Janie Franz
Reviewed 2008
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