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How to Potty Train Your Monster

by Kelly DiPucchio
Illustrated by Mike Moon


The transition from diapers to potty seat will be much easier if you share Kelly DiPucchio's How to Potty Train Your Monster with your child. This easy to use guide underlines the ten steps parents will want to keep in mind as they embark on this "journey to the john" with their youngster.

The hilarious text will appeal to adults while the playful illustrations of the little monsters will delight children. The section where three of the big-eyed critters wear their training pants on their heads is a stitch!

As you share this book and read it aloud to your child, he'll probably get the message that it's time to switch over to real underwear and put those little kid Pampers behind him.

The Book

May 2009
Children's Non-fiction / Ages 2-5
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The Reviewer

Bob Walch
Reviewed 2009
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