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N is for Nature
An Environmental Alphabet Book

by Tim Magner
Illustrated by Mike Nudelman


The beauty of nature unfolds before your very eyes through the pages of Tim Magner's N is For Nature. This book radiates a wealth of beauty and knowledge and contains all sorts of surprises.  Each page depicts a letter of the alphabet and associates it with nature.

The beautiful illustrations really caught my eye. Some of my all time favorites include the ones for Bees, Icebergs, and Wetlands.  The colors and the still animations are truly breathtaking. In no time at all you will see how beneficial this book can be to your child.

As a teacher who seeks out books that provide more than the general subject knowledge, I can easily see how this book can be incorporated into any Kindergarten or First Grade curriculum.  Home school teachers will also appreciate the creativity that went into developing N is for Nature.  There are so many interesting aspects to this book that it goes beyond merely teaching the alphabet.

Parents will not be disappointed in having purchased this book for their children.  It offers your child the means to learn the alphabet in one of the most unique ways I have ever seen.  This book would be a treasured addition to any school library.  The wealth of knowledge it contains is priceless.  Very highly recommended.

The Book

Green Sugar Press
March 2, 2009
Children's Non-Fiction ages 2-6
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The Reviewer

Suzie Housley
Reviewed 2009
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