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National Geographic Science Readers

by Ann Schreiber

      From the open-jawed great white leaping-up to-bite-you shark on the cover to the tiny pigmy shark with its glow-in-the-dark belly, this newest National Geographic Kids book will captivate and delight young readers. Sharks! is an excellent non-fiction book filled with exciting photographs and packed with information. Dotting the pages are Word Bytes to explain challenging vocabulary, fun facts of shark tidbits, and even a joke or two just for fun.

Sharks! is one of National Geographic's easy-to-read series of leveled science readers. The series runs from pre-readers through to fluent readers and advanced chapter books. Sharks! falls into the Level 2 range for children who are beginning to read independently. And what a perfect book to motivate those early readers. Who wouldn't want to read that a shark can smell one drop of blood in 25 million drops of ocean while watching a nurse shark open its mouth to gobble up a small fish? National Geographic Kids and author Anne Schreiber have done a great job with Sharks!. They draw in their readers and keep them hooked the whole way through.

The Book

National Geographic Children's Books
July 8, 2008
Children's Non-fiction / ages 4-8
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Marcia Berneger
Reviewed 2009
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