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The Three-Legged Kitten
Stinky Little Scroungy
Our Orphaned Owls
The Miracle of the Little Kitten

True stories about Saving Animals

Written and illustrated by Samuel Lopez


Storyteller Samuel Lopez has penned and illustrated four adorable books titled The Three-Legged Kitten, Stinky Little Scroungy, Our Orphaned Owls, and The Miracle of the Little Kitten. Lopezís books tell true stories of hurt or abandoned animals that ultimately heal and find love on the Lopez farmstead, now called the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary. While the books donít brush aside the harsh circumstances that brought the animals to the Lopezís, they mostly focus on the care given and the relationships forged. In time, the animals go on to live happy, full lives. Lopezís illustrations are unique and marvelous! Similar to coloring-book artistry, the hand drawn outlines are filled in with colored pencil. Photos are included of the bookís stars, too. Here are short synopses of the four books:

The Three-Legged Kitten: A kitten flies out the window of a speeding car, landing in a junkyard. Badly injured, will she allow Farmer Samuel to help her?
Stinky Little Scroungy: Someone has left a sick, flea-infested puppy in a box of rags by the road. Will Farmer Samuel's wife Cheri be able to save her, or is it too late?
Our Orphaned Owls: A terrible storm leaves baby owls abandoned in a nest on the Lopez farm. How will Farmer Samuel and wife Cheri save the tiny balls of fluff?
The Miracle of the Little Kitten: Farmer Samuel keeps hearing a tiny mewing sound, but canít find a kitten anywhere! Then a day or so later, Stinky Little Scroungy drops a tiny ball of gray fur at his feet: a stiff, cold, baby kitten. But, itís still alive! Can they save it?

These books will entertain and motivate children from ages four to twelve. Spoken vocabulary and concepts are not beyond the comprehension of the picture book crowd, nor are the written language and storyline too basic for older readers (up to age 12). Children will relish these lovely books time and again. And, guess what? The book sale's proceeds go to the Compassionate Pet Sanctuary founded by the author and his wife. How cool is that?

The Book

Little Five Star, a Division of Five Star Publications
Oct 16, 2009
978-158985-157-3 (Three)
978-158985-158-0 (Stinky)
978-158985-159-7 (Owls)
978-158985-160-3 (Miracle)
Childrenís Nonfiction Ages 4-12
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NOTE: Book sales proceeds go to Compassionate Pet Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization founded by the author and his wife.

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Deb Kincaid
Reviewed 2009
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