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Animals Around the World

by Deborah Chancellor
Illustrated by Anthony Lewis


This lift-the-flap book features information about the habitats of animals from around the world. Its interactive design invites youngsters to pull open a flap and learn an interesting fact about a particular creature. For example, open the flap featuring a rainforest green frog and you'll discover a picture of a red poison-arrow frog that has bright colors to warn predators to keep their distance.

Each two page spread features a specific habitat like the Himalayas or the African savanna and then offers a bit of information about the region plus pictures and information about the animals found there. You'll learn that snow leopards live higher up than any other cat and the tusks of a male wart hog can grow up to two feet in length.

With over fifty lift-the-flap surprises that highlight just some of the creatures plus numerous other pictures, there's a wealth of introductory information about a wide range of animals. Youngsters love books like this and the sturdy design and colorful illustrations will make this volume a long-time favorite of any boy or girl.

The Book

April 2010
Nonfiction Children's picture book / Ages 3-6
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2010
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