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I Can Draw Pets

Written and illustrated by Simon Abbott


Here's a wonderful way to help your child draw simple animals. This book's kid-friendly, wipe-clean pages allow the user to create family pets by following the step-by-step instructions illustrator Simon Abbott provides.

Using a grid to guide the child through the process, there are instructions on how to draw a cat, goldfish, dog, rabbit, guinea pig and bird. The four step instructions break each pet down into simple parts (head, body, appendages and details) and then, on the opposite page, the child can try to create his/her own animal.

The book comes with an erasable black pen, so if the child does make a mistake or wishes to start over, the page can be wiped clean.

Not only does this book help the child's visual development and encourage hand-eye coordination but it also develops observational skills and creates a sense of accomplishment. There are three other titles (Wild Animals, Farms, and Parks) in this new "I Can Draw" series.

Once the child masters drawing a pet encourage him/her to try a similar drawing on regular paper and then color it and perhaps add a background. A creative parent can use this book to create an interest in drawing and then expand it beyond the confines of the book.

The Book

Kingfisher / Macmillan
November 2009
Children's novelty book, Ages 3-6
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Bob Walch
Reviewed 2010
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