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I See Shapes
Baby Einstein series
Susan Ring

Disney Press
2010 / ISBN 9781423128342
Nonfiction / Children / Infant to Preschool

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here’s the ideal way to help your baby begin to recognize the shapes of things. This board book features color photos of various common objects that feature circles, squares, stars, triangles, rectangles, and ovals.

The text is very simple but a series of cartoon animals reinforce the message that there are “shapes” all around us. Once you have read the book a few times expand the idea of recognizing shapes by using common items around the house.

You can play the “shape game” by asking as you page through a magazine or catalog, “Do you see a circle or square?”

This book is appropriate for a child as young as nine months although I would think it would work best with a youngster who can turn the pages by himself or herself.

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