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I Spy With My Little Eye
Edward Gibbs

Templar / Candlewick Press
April. 2011 / ISBN 9780763652845
Children’s picture book (Ages 2-5)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here’s a wonderful book that will introduce your child to the game of I-spy. Edward Gibbs uses a number of familiar animals to pique the child’s interest in playing the generations-old observation game.

Observation holes allow the youngster to peek through a page and see the color of the animal. By combining the clue with the color, hopefully your child will guess correctly. If not, flip the page and you’ll see what the right answer is.

For example, the clue on one page reads, “I spy with my little eye something yellow. I am the king of the jungle – hear me roar!” Can you guess the answer? Of course it is a lion!

Once you’ve read and enjoyed this book with your child, you’ll want to actually play the game for real. Start in the house or backyard. Most children love testing their powers of observation and making up clues. As you’ll discover, this then becomes a great way of killing some time either on a trip or when a child is bored and whines that he or she has “nothing to do.”

Reviewed 2011
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