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Legends of the Sea
Story World: Create-A-Story-Kit
John & Caitlin Matthews

Templar/ Candlewick
April 2011 / ISBN 9780763653200
Children fiction / activity kit (Ages 1-12)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

A new title in the Create-A-Story series, this kit centers on sea adventures and pirates. Designed to inspire children to create their own stories, the authors provide 28 illustrated cards introducing characters, places, and events that can be fashioned into a story or game.

Along with the cards you’ll find a booklet that will help you get started. There are instructions on not only how to use the cards but also how to create a couple of games. The kit can be used by one person, two individuals or an entire group.

Not only will you and your children have fun exploring the sea but this clever story kit will also allow the youngsters to develop their imaginations and create their own exciting tales of adventure, romance and exploration. The cards come in a handy, sturdy box for safekeeping which is perfect because this activity kit will probably get a lot of use.

Another kit entitled “Fairy Magic” was also released this spring. While boys may enjoy “Legends of the Sea” more, girls might prefer the fantasy land version.

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Reviewed 2011
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