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Let’s Look at Dinosaurs
A Flip-the-Flap Book
Frances Barry

Candlewick Press
June 2011/ ISBN 9780763653545
Children’s Nonfiction / Picture Book / Ages 4 - 8

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Children love dinosaurs and this hands-on novelty book offers a fun look at dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Striking collage illustrations, bold flaps and die-cut surprises await the youngster as he or she delves into this fascinating world of prehistoric critters of every shape and disposition.

While on one page a large pterodactylus spreads its huge wings, on another you’ll discover an ankylosaurus shaking its long tail and then you’ll have to slip back the green foliage to discover a stegosaurus hiding in the undergrowth. You’ll also discover why a triceratops had a large, bony frill around its neck and how a parasaurolophus might have used the horn on her head.

There’s lots to amuse a child in this interactive book and the handy pronunciation key will help mom or dad get the names right as they read this book at bedtime.

Reviewed 2011
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