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My Dog, My Cat
Ashlee Fletcher

Tanglewood Press
August 2011/ ISBN 1933718226
Nonfiction/Children's Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Ashlee Fletcher's new children's book My Dog, My Cat points out some of the differences and likeness between a cat and a dog. Even though the book was written by a adult professional writer, the feel of the book is that of a child telling an adult the ways that cats and dogs are different. The author finishes the book with a smaller number of differences between the two pets.

The author follows a trend that seems to be happening in children's literature—she is both the author and illustrator of her book. The illustrations almost read the text for the child and they are vivid and eye-catching. All the images are consistent; each picture is framed in a colorful outline that is pleasing to the eye.

The book is targeted for readers 4-8, and there is much room for an adult reader to elicit even more likenesses and differences in the two animals. For example, at the upper end of the reading level the adult could go into the dispositions of the animals. As always the children will come up with ideas that escaped the author and this reviewer.

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Reviewed 2011
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