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My First Discoveries
Sylvaine Peyrols

Moonlight Publishing
May 1, 2012/ ISBN 978-1851033645
Dolphins, marine science (ages 4 and up)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

With transparent overlays and lots of information on the life of the dolphin, this book fills in young readers on every aspect of the marine mammals' existence.

You'll learn that the dolphin ancestors date back 55 million years, that they can stay underwater for up to twenty minutes and that when a mother dolphin gives birth, another female guards her. Dolphins use clicks and whistles to communicate and they can see and hear underwater.

Social creatures, dolphins often travel and hunt together, they help one another if they are in difficulty and they are found in every ocean and some rivers around the world.

Nicely designed with a spiral ring binding that allows the book to be opened flat, this is a fascinating study of one of the most appealing creatures you'll find in the ocean.

Reviewed 2012