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First Book of Baby Farm Animals
A Baby Einstein Book
Patricia Van Note

2011 / ISBN 9781423139058
Picture book, animals (ages 1-3)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here's one way of introducing your toddler to a number of common baby animals. A Baby Einstein ·slide and find· board book, the volume contains the pictures of little animals along with their names and, in some instances, the sounds they make.

Along with the animal pictures your find interspersed throughout the pages closed windows that slide open to show another view of one of the featured babies. When you open a window, hopefully your child will be able to identify which critter it is and point to a similar illustration on the opposite page.

With a combination of cartoon illustrations and actual photos, this book will go a long way in helping your child learn the names of some animals that you can then venture out to see in person. Encouraging the child to turn the pages and slide open the windows also will give him or her a chance to develop manual dexterity.

Reviewed 2012