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I Love Maine
I Love to Read Series
Jeff Cox
Illustrated by Anne Rosen

MacIntyre Purcell Publishing
November 17, 2011/ ISBN 9781926916149
Board book / Travel / (ages 4 and up)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This board book is the ideal way to introduce a small child to the sights of Maine. The youngster will discover that Maine is known as the "Pine Tree State" and is home to not only mountain and forest creatures but also plenty of seashore critters.

Famous for its scallops, shrimp and lobsters, the state also has a timber industry and a thriving agricultural sector that produces potatoes, blueberries and Christmas trees. As the child pages through this book, he or she will visit the famous, coastal Acadia National Park, Mount Katahdin, and the state capitol in Augusta.

Whether you live in Maine or are planning a visit in the near future, this is an excellent book for showing a child the many wonders of this northern New England state. The illustrations are quite good and the material it contains is very informative.

Reviewed 2012
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