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Kingfisher Readers: Butterflies
By Thea Felsman

2012 / ISBN 9780753467497
Picture book, butterflies (ages 4 and up)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Part of the "Read and Wonder" series, this level one book is ideal for beginning readers. The short sentences, familiar vocabulary and engaging color photos will make your child want to lend a hand with the reading chores when story time rolls around.

On the inside cover you'll find hints for parents on how to make this a good experience for the beginning reader.

As the title suggests, the butterfly and its life cycle is the book's subject. Besides picturing a number of different butterflies and sharing some basic information about them, the author takes the reader through the phases from laying eggs, through the caterpillar stage and to the safety of the chrysalis. Then, after a few weeks, the transformation is complete and out emerges the beautiful butterfly.

Reviewed 2012