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Out on the Prairie
Donna Bateman
Illustrated by Susan Swan

July 2012 / ISBN 9781580893787
Picture book, prairie life (ages 4-6)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This nicely illustrated picture book not only introduces young readers to the animals and plants found in South Dakota’s Badlands National Park, but it also doubles as a counting book.

The first section of the book follows various young prairie creatures and their mothers as they play, forage for food and explore the prairie environment. Your will find bison, pronghorn, prairie dog, coyote, and rattlesnake families as well as grouse, owls, meadowlarks and grasshoppers.

A second section of the book provides more information about each creature and the various types of grasses and plants mentioned in the rhymed text.

While learning about life on the prairie, the child can also practice counting up to ten as he/she is encouraged to count the baby animals.

The excellent art work this book incorporates into the text makes it a very attractive package and one that should appeal to the child who loves animals.

Reviewed 2012