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What We Wear: Dressing Up Around the World
Maya Ajmera, Elisa Hofer Derstine and Cynthia Pon

Feb 2012 / ISBN 9781580894173
Picture book, clothing (ages 3-5)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

A series of colorful photos picture children from many different cultures modeling their distinctive clothing . Each photo identifies the country the child is from, and the photos are grouped by activity (school, play, rituals, etc.).

The text is very limited until you get to the back of the collection of photos, where you'll find a world map showing where all the children are from and some suggestions on how to learn more about other cultures. The authors suggest attending a folk festival, going to a museum or asking family and friends about what some of their traditional dress might look like. The reader is also encouraged to construct a mask or make his or her own "costume" using material found around the house.

This inexpensive book is ideal for pointing out the differences in dress from one country to another. It could prove to be very useful in the classroom as a way of introducing a geography or social studies unit.

Reviewed 2012