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What Will I Be?
Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Marc Boutavant

Candlewick Press
2012 / ISBN 9780763658038
Picture book, animals (ages 3 and up)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Preschoolers are invited to lift the flaps in this novelty book and learn all about animal life. Butterflies, polar bears, turtles, frogs, and birds all have a fascinating life journey to follow. As the child turns the pages he or she will follow that journey.

For example, you'll see a small, papery "package" hanging under a leaf on a tree. What will it be? Flip the flap on the next page and you'll discover that one day the mysterious package will open and a butterfly will emerge.
The following two-page spread then explains how eggs, which hatch into caterpillars, are deposited on the leaf. They, in turn, nibble on the leaf and grow bigger. Then each caterpillar makes a small, papery package that hangs from the leaf by a small, silken thread.

The art is alive, bright and vibrant and the stories of each creature kept simple, but the child will get the idea that whether they emerge from eggs or from inside their mothers, these animals will grow and change into something quite remarkable.

Reviewed 2012