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Doodling Between Black and White
Byron Glaser and Sandra Higashi

Little Simon
2011 / ISBN: 9781442422612
Nonficton / Activity book, art, coloring, (ages 6 and up)

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Filled with page upon page of line designs or doodles, this book invites you to take color pencils, paint, or felt-tip pens and begin coloring. How you tackle each page is up to you. Stay within the lines, go outside the lines, try different color combinations·whatever you want to do is fine.

There is no text nor any specific instructions on how to approach these pages. In fact you can take what you find and add even more lines or doodle even more before you start the coloring process.

Anyone who has ever sat in a classroom or at a meeting and started doodling on a scrap of paper will recognize these designs. While some are quite simple, others are very complex. The fun now focuses on how you wish to add color to the design.

Give your imagination free rein and see what happens. If you really like the ·finished product,· carefully remove the page from the book and frame it! Children, as well as adults, will find this a very enjoyable way of experimenting with shapes and colors. You·ll be amazed how quickly time flies once you begin using this coloring book. If you are traveling, here·s an inexpensive way to keep everyone occupied. All you need is Zolocolor!, some colored pencils and a flat surface.

Reviewed 2012