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123 Zoo
A Cool Counting Book

Duo Press
April 1, 2013 / ISBN:
Education / Animals / Zoos / Children / Board Book

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This simple counting book features just a number and illustrations of various animals.  Moving from one to ten, you’ll notice that when you get to the higher numbers, the animals are shown in different positions. For example, there are seven zebras but while one is standing still, another is running and a third is looking straight at you, while another is looking back as if he is being followed.

With a single, bright color used for the backgrounds, and sharp, contrasting colors for the animal illustrations and numerals, the art pops out at the reader. Since the animals aren’t identified, you’ll have to provide the correct name for each creature, but at the end of the book there’s a “Let’s Talk” section that asks questions about each selection.

One of these entries reads: "These are three different kinds of bears. Can you point to the panda bear? How about to the polar bear? Can you point to the black bear? " 

Once you get the hang of using the questions provided, you can make up your own questions. For example: “Which bear is the tallest? Which bear is sitting? What sound does a bear make?”

 For very young children this simple board book is the ideal way to not only introduce simple numbers and animals but also show the surprises the picture book offers as you turn the pages. 

Reviewed 2013