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ABCs on Wings
Ramon Olivera

Little Simon
2015 / ISBN 9781481432429
Children / Nonfiction - Transportation & Travel/ 3-7 years /

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This concept book features letters of the alphabet that are in some manner associated with airplanes or flying. Young readers will find pictures of biplanes, aircraft carriers, gliders, and jets, and learn the names of some of the parts that go into making a plane.

You'll notice that some of the two page spreads feature related words. For example, on one page you'll see a "J" for jet and on the opposite one you'll discover "I" for the plane's intake nose section.

The word selections used here, in some instances, are not the words normally used in an ABC book like this that tie in with aviation, but they do work. Words like "turbulence" and "tailwind," although they relate to flying, aren't words young children are familiar with, but they will expand their vocabulary.

The illustrations are large and colorful and will attract youngsters who are fascinated with airplanes, so I wouldn't worry too much about the author's sometimes quirky word selections.

Reviewed 2015