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Axel Scheffler’s Flip Flap Farm
Nosy Crow
Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Nosy Crow/Candlewick
September 5, 2013 / ISBN 9780763670672
Children / Animals / Ages 3–7 / Rhyming

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This clever activity book engages the reader by allowing the child to flip the half pages back and forth to create various animals. Each new creation also includes a rhymed text that describes the critters characteristics as well as gives it a name.

For example, a “row” is a rabbit and cow and a “gouse” is a goat and mouse.

You can also arrange the flaps to see the complete animal and then read the textual clues to figure out what it is. “I am the greediest animal that you will ever meet. I’m almost always hungry, and there’s not much I won’t eat!”

As novelty books go, this one offers a number of unique ways to amuse a child so it is bound to be a big hit. There are 121 possible animal combinations here, so think of the odd creatures you can make.

Reviewed 2014