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Baseball Is…
Louise Borden
Illustrated by Raul Colon

McElderry Books / Simon & Schuster
2/18/2014 / ISBN 9781416955023
Children / Baseball / Ages 7 - 10l

Reviewed by Bob Walch

As you page through this picture book you’ll discover that baseball is many things. At its most simple level, baseball is three bases ninety feet apart that create a perfect diamond. Add a small, hard ball, a bat and a number of players, nine on each side, and you can play a baseball game.

But as you page through this book you’ll see baseball is much, much more. There are the major-league baseball stadiums, the fans, the officials, the colorful uniforms, and, of course, the players themselves.

There’s hitting, running, pitching, catching, scoring runs and out-making plays. There are seven or nine innings (depending on what level the game is played) and there’s a long history that the sport has accumulated over the decades.

A many-faceted sport, baseball can be quite simple (hit the ball and run) or very complex, but no matter how one plays the game, it provides thousands of people with entertainment in one way or another.

Louise Borden has attempted to capture the essence of this popular sport for young readers and, assisted by Raul Colon’s illustrations, she has done a pretty good job. Anyone, young or old, who enjoys a trip to the ballpark, will certainly enjoy Baseball Is…


Reviewed 2014