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Beautiful Colouring
Learn step-by-step stunning coloring techniques
Cindy Wilde and Felicity French

Buster Books (Michael O’Mara Books)
7 April 2016/ ISBN 9781780553733
Children / Non Fiction / Art / 8 - 12 Years

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Do you want to learn how to do more with your coloring books and own artwork? This book introduces you to color theory in a fun way and gets you drawing patterns and effects in no time at all. Just grab some pens or pencils and get going.

Ostensibly billed as a book for children, as Buster Books is Michael O’Mara’s younger imprint, this useful and innovative book is suitable for anybody. If, for example, you have wanted to do some Zentangle but thought it looked a bit daunting, this is definitely for you. It is also great for anybody who admires the intricate patterns in coloring books and wants to have a go at drawing some; it is also ideal for children of course, if they can wrestle it away from the adults! From the first page with the color wheel, the book is divided into six sections, each about a color. It tells you the complementary color and gets you looking at patterns, copying them into boxes and decorating pictures with them. As you are filling in the spaces with patterns rather than just coloring, this is a departure from the basic idea of a coloring book, so something a bit different. These pictures are of things of a suitable color; for example, strawberries and peppers in the red section, a frog and turtle in the green section, etc. These all have a suitably colored frame around them and no disappearing into the spine. Because you get to practice each pattern so thoroughly, it is a good way to learn this type of ”doodle“ drawing. By the time you get to the drawings in the freestyle section at the end of each chapter, you are ready to go it alone with your own patterns. It frees up the mind and is relaxing and stimulating, a great way to develop your own drawing and coloring skills. The paper is a bright white and of good thickness, printed both sides but suitable for water based pens as well as pencils, if you don’t press too hard or linger too long in one place. The instructions mention pens mostly, so this is what the creators had in mind; not suitable, however, for paints or permanent markers. As I settled down with it, I felt glad that there weren’t any children around who might think it was for them-lots of fun for anybody.

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Reviewed 2016