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Creative Sticker Fun - Princesses
By Susan Martineau
Illustrated by Cathy Hughes

B small publishing
2014 / ISBN: 9781908164940
Children's activity book. Stickers, princesses

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This sticker dress-up activity book encourages the reader to use the provided stickers to complete the pages showing these royal ladies engaged in various activities. There are colorful dresses for the animals to wear and other gear for tournaments and parties.

The seventy stickers are to be used in one of the five special scenarios that are provided for the princesses.

Obviously this book is only appropriate for a child who can keep the stickers in the book and not on other surfaces like walls and furniture. The stickers also pose a choking hazard, so make sure any child given the book will not be tempted to put the stickers in his/her mouth. Keep the book away from younger children as well.

Reviewed 2014