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Don't Dangle Your Participle
Vanita Oelschlager

Vanita Books
May 2014 / ISBN: 1938164032
Nonfiction / Writing / Sentence Construction / Ages 4 - 8 years

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Don't Dangle Your Participle. The title is enough to pique my interest. True, it's an amusing title but how can anyone make sentence construction interesting, much less funny? Well, Oelschlager does just that.

Oelschlarger first shows the sentence as incorrect then corrects it. Accompanying each sentence is an imaginative illustration. The illustration shows exactly what the sentence is saying.

One set of sentences has Lester is in the park -- two sentences and two pictures.

"While riding his skateboard in the park, a deer almost ran into Lester."

The picture has a deer riding the skateboard instead of Lester.

"While riding his skateboard in the park, Lester was almost hit by a deer."

The picture has Lester riding the skateboard and the deer jumping over him. See the difference?

I think the illustrations really make this book. They are expressive and funny. I'm a grown up and I enjoyed reading it. Not only will your child enjoy this book he/she will rethink what they're saying and writing - and they might get a little silly with it, just like Oelschlager.

Reviewer Note:
Reviewed 2014