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Explore Flight!
With 25 Great Projects
By Anita Yasuda
Illustrated by Byran Stone

Nomad Press
2013 / ISBN 9781619301764
Children / NonFiction / Activity Book /

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Teachers and parents homeschooling their children ages six and older will want to check out this excellent book that not only delves into the history of flight but also offers lots of hands-on projects and experiments.

The book begins with a flight timeline that begins with the invention of kites and rockets in China and then traces the Montgolfier's first hot air balloon flights, the first successful glider flight by Sir George Cayley, and the Wright brothers taking to the air in the United States.

Six short chapters then explore various aspects of flight from Leonardo da Vinci's early ideas about flying and experiments with lighter than airships to fixed wing machines, helicopters and space craft.

The hands-on projects include instructions on how to construct an ornithopter, a phenakistoscope, a parachute, an anemometer and much, much more. You'll also discover lots of fun facts, specialized vocabulary (aileron, suborbital, anemometer), trivia and bits of aviation history tucked away on the pages of this very informative book.

Not only is this book a very good introduction to the science of flight and aviation, but you'll also find a list of websites and books that can be consulted for further, more detailed study of the subject.

Reviewed 2013