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Extreme Physics
Basher Science
Dan Green
Illustrated by

2013/ ISBN 9780753469569
Children 9 and up. Science

Reviewed by Bob Walch


One of the new titles in this popular series of books for young readers that explains various scientific topics, this little volume takes on a very challenging subject.

Admittedly, physics is a field of study that can be not only very demanding but also difficult to fully understand. Naturally the key here is to explain some of the basics without turning off the young reader. Dan Green does an admirable job making some of the central principals of physics something a young mind can grasp.

The book is divided into four chapters. In “Quantum Folk” the author looks at the idea of uncertainty, Schrodinger’s cat, wave particle duality, quantum and the atom.

The next chapter, “The Particle Posse”, is the longest. Here the reader is introduced to quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons, neutrinos, photons, dark matter and other matter found within the atom.

A look at the four fundamental forces that rule the universe follows before the author concludes with what he terms “Quantum Weirdness”. What does this final chapter cover? Quantum tunneling, quantum biology, lasers and other tricky concepts that involve quantum particles.

“Extreme Physics” does an excellent job of introducing a fascinating science to young readers. There aren’t that many books available that manage to make this subject coherent and manageable for young readers. A big thumbs up for Dan Green!

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