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Fairytale Colors Series

John O’Leary
Illustrated by

Tango Books
2014/ ISBN 9781857078886
Children / Activity / Fairytale / Pop-up book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


With 3-dimensional illustrations and interactive elements, this picture book will also make learning colors easy and fun for a youngster.

The classic Goldilocks and her misadventure with the three bears is retold here with tabs to pull, flaps to flip, and doors to peek behind to see what surprises are hidden away.

You’ll also discover eight colors that are featured with a monochromatic color scheme for each page and this will heighten the reader’s awareness of basic colors.

Operating on a number of different levels, this picture book will hold the child’s attention and also introduce the toddler to one of the classic stories in children’s literature.

Reviewed 2015