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Forest Fairy Crafts
Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

FunStitch Studio (Distributed in the UK by Search Press)
2 February 2015 / ISBN 9781607056904
Juvenile / Non Fiction/Toymaking

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Fill your house with fairies! There are twenty eight of them at least in here to make and display, play with or give to fellow fairy fans. All you need are pipe cleaners, wooden beads, felt and anything else you can lay your hands on to make your creations special and unique. This is a book specially aimed at the younger crafter and the authors certainly take pains to make it as fun and accessible as possible. For example all the materials come with a description of why you need them and I love the fun ways of teaching stitches! This extends to all the basics of the making process from using patterns to a glossary of terms and the plethora of gaily colored photos brings the learning process to life. I like the way the basic fairy body plus how to put on hair, paint faces etc. is covered first so this can be mastered before tackling the more complex variations. It also means there is no repetition in the projects, just a picture of the body so you know what colors to use and then you can refer back to the basics as well as follow the new instructions. These are usually illustrated and broken up into easily digested sections, as well as having a photo of the finished item, list of what you need and an attractive layout. There are traditional fairies such as flower fairies, leprechauns, Christmas, mermaid, witch, etc. plus some newer ones to fit in with current trends such as zombie and ninja. Breaking away from the pipe cleaner bodies there are some with soft felt shaped bodies like a star and pumpkin plus one with a wooden body and a set of keepers which are felt pouches. These have animal faces (owl, dragon, unicorn etc.) or are shaped like a moon, flower etc and can be used for keeping smaller fairies or tiny treasures. In all this book is a lot of fun for any young person who enjoys sewing or wants to have a go at it and love fairies!

If you cannot find a good range of craft materials locally try for a list of suppliers.
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Reviewed 2015