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Go, Shapes, Go!
Denise Fleming

Beach Lane
2015 / ISBN 9781442482401
Children / Nonfiction / Picture book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Use this picture book to teach your child about various shapes. On the first page you'll discover various size circles, a triangle, some rectangles, ovals, a small arc, and two half circles. Now what?

Watch as a little mouse (see bottom of page) begins to manipulate these shapes into a monkey. As you turn the pages you'll see the monkey take shape. Then the mouse goes on to rearrange the monkey parts into another animal.

This is a clever way to teach shapes to a youngster, but I think it makes more sense to make some shapes out of heavy paper and let your child arrange them into various objects. You could use this book as a template to show the youngster what to do.

I'd get this book from the library rather than purchase it, because your child probably won't want to reread this book a lot unless the large colorful illustrations capture his/her fancy.

Reviewed 2015