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Carson Ellis

Candlewick Press
February 24, 2015 / ISBN 9780763665296
Children / Nonfiction / Age 4 - 8 years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This oversized, whimsical picture book explores homes around the world. There are city homes, country homes, homes of every size and shape and even homes with wheels attached.

You'll visit Japan and Kenya to see how people live and also go under the sea and into the forest to check out the domiciles of animals and mythical creatures.

While some homes are very messy, others are extremely neat. You'll also discover that a Slovakian duchess lives in a mansion quite different from the home of an American Indian or a big city apartment dweller.

Once you have viewed all these different homes you might want to draw a picture of what your home looks like. Or better still, see if you can describe your grandparents' house or the place where your best friend lives.

Reviewed 2015