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I Love You, Zoo Borns
Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland

Simon Spotlight
August 2012/ ISBN 9781442443792
Nonfiction / Children / Animals / Zoology

Reviewed by Bob Walch

This Level One, Ready-to-Read book introduces young readers to a group of adorable zoo babies.  First you get to say, “Good morning!” to a giant panda about ready to begin his day. Then turn the page and there’s Prince Harry, a pygmy hippo, receiving a bath.

As you move through the book you’ll also meet Sawyer, a little tawny bird, a wombat sniffing his bottle of milk, and a slipping and sliding baby penguin. There are also kittens, a baby tamarin monkey, some otter pups, and a red kangaroo snuggling in his blanket.

 Easy sight words, dialogue and a familiar topic make this a beginning reader that any child will find fun to spend time with learning word mastery. This is a far cry from the old “Dick and Jane” readers from decades ago!

Reviewed 2013