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I Spy Pets
Edward Gibbs

ISBN 9780763666224
Children’s literature, pets

Reviewed by Bob Walch


The fourth title in the popular “I Spy” series of picture books by London graphic designer Edward Gibbs, this latest edition focuses on house pets. Look through the holes in the book to see what pets you can spy in this interactive volume.

Some are smooth, some shiny and others are fluffy, but all these critters have one thing in common. They all have been adopted into homes and become someone’s pet.

Each entry has a clue to help identify the pet you are looking at through the spy hole. One reads “I like to peck seed,” while another says, “I like to snap up insects.”

What sets this book apart are the full illustrations of each animal, which totally fill each double page spread. After you have shared this book with your three or four year old, try expanding it to include playing the I Spy game with objects around the house.

Reviewed 2014