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Lady Liberty
A Biography
Doreen Rappaport
Illustrated by Matt Tavares

Candlewick Press
2014 / ISBN 9780763671143
Nonfiction / History / Biography

Reviewed by Bob Walch


The story of the Statue of Liberty is told by focusing on the individuals in France and the United States who made this project a reality. There are plenty of interesting facts and stories here that flesh out the tale of how obstacles were overcome to make the "gift" from France an iconic focus of New York City's harbor.

The use of poetic free verse vignettes was a curious choice by the author but it works. The illustrations are more of the individuals involved rather than the statue, which makes sense, but this may disappoint some readers.

This isn't the most memorable account of Lady Liberty, but it isn't the worst either. It remains to be seen, though, how many youngsters will gravitate to it versus others books that cover the same subject.

Reviewed 2015