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Lifesize Rainforest
Lifesize Series
By Anita Ganeri & Stuart Jackson-Carter

2014 / ISBN 9780753471913
Children / Nonfiction / Animals / Ages 5 - 10 Years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This eye catching picture book will quickly grab a young child's attention with the oversized, double-page illustrations of some of the creatures you'll encounter in a rainforest.

Among the life-size critters featured here are Blue poison-arrow frogs, hummingbirds, Goliath beetles, Philippine tarsiers, colorful Queen Alexandra birdwing butterflies, a Raggiana bird of paradise, a Parson's chameleon, a Golden-crowned flying fox, a Mandrill, a jaguar, a Malayan tapir and the large head of a Green anaconda.

As you might imagine, for the larger creatures usually just part of the animal or snake is pictured. You'll also discover some factual information about each rainforest denizen as well.

Children who are fascinated by exotic animals will find this a picture book they will want to return to again and again.

Reviewed 2015