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Maisy's First Colors
Lucy Cousins

Aug 2013 / ISBN: 9780763668044
Children / NonFiction / Ages 2-5 / Rhyming / Board Book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Appropriate for infants six months and older, this concept book uses Maisy and her friends to introduce basic colors. The opening two-page spread features one full page with a red background and the word "Red"in big, bold, black print. On the opposite page you'll find Maisy surrounded by red apples. "Maisy likes red apples, so juicy and so good"'

The board book's other pages feature Tallulah with some oranges, Charley with a yellow bunch of bananas, Cyril munching on green pears, and Eddie the elephant holding a blue ice pop in his trunk.

On the final pages all the characters are pictured together enjoying their colorful treats.

The large illustrations and bold use of color make this a good beginning book to introduce a very young child to colors. Also, an older youngster who is ready to begin reading will feel comfortable with the simple sentences, word repetition and familiar characters.

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Reviewed 2014