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Make Your Own Coral Reef
Make Your Own Series
By Clare Beaton

B Small Publishing
2014 / ISBN 9781905710393
Nonfiction / Ocean / How to / Ages 5 - 7 Years

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This activity book contains the materials to create your own coral reef. There are 24 sea creatures, fish, and corals to color and then cut out. Once that is finished assemble the press-out pieces of the reef itself.

Be sure to pay attention to the facts the author includes about coral reefs and, if you'd like, follow the instructions for making a fishing game and a shell box. There's also a glossary of terms used that refer to the reef. Have fun!

This is the kind of book you'll want to have on hand when your child or grandchild can't play outside and you don't want to just turn on the TV for a diversion. Get the child actively engaged instead in something that uses his/her hands and mind.

Reviewed 2015