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Make Your Own Rainforest
By Clare Beaton

B small publishing
2014 / ISBN 9781905710409
Children / Nonfiction / How-to

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Keeping a few interactive books handy when your child or grandchild can't go outside to play is a much better idea than just flipping on the TV. This interactive book is perfect because it not only teaches the youngster a little bit about the rainforest and the creatures that live there but it also encourages the child to use his/her imagination.

Besides a colorful and sturdy rainforest scene that folds out and offers a backdrop, the book comes with 21 birds, insects and animals that the child can color, cut out and then play with.

You'll also find some interesting material about the rainforest and these critters plus a glossary of terms. So if you are creating a "Rainy Day" library, this is one book you'll certainly want to include!

Reviewed 2015