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Make Your Own Creepy Castle
Clare Beaton

B Small Publishing
2014 / ISBN 9781902915401
Nonfiction / Children / Activity book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This activity book not only explains how castles become haunted but it also takes the reader on an interactive journey to meet some ghouls and spooky ghosts. The young reader will find a colorful, sturdy haunted castle that is ready to be assembled.

The castle will then serve as the backdrop for a number of cutouts that will need to be colored and then cut out and arranged in front of the castle.

There are also instructions for making other spooky pieces that can be used to enhance the scene.

Instructions, tidbits about haunted castles and a glossary of terms are all included in this inexpensive book that will provide a few hours of fun when your child wants to try something that demands using his/her hands and imagination.

Note: Grandparents may want to purchase this book and others in the series (Coral Reef, Farm and Fairy Garden) to have when the grandchildren come to visit.

Reviewed 2015