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Mesmerizing Math
By Jonathan Litton
Illustrated by Thomas Flintham

Templar/Candlewick Press
2013 / ISBN 9780763668815
Children's Math

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Here's a pop-up, interactive book for older youngsters that unlocks some of the mysteries of math. Featuring spinners, flaps, and even a wrecking ball, this clever volume will fully engage the young reader.

Statistics, numbers, measurement, probability, geometry, sequences and series are just some of the ways math impacts our daily lives. In "nifty numbers" Litton explores square numbers, fractions, percentages, and prime numbers while the "shaping up" section illustrates how useful geometry can be.

In each section of the book you'll find questions and challenging exercises that will allow you to test your math skills. Do you know what tessellation is? Ever hear of Fibonacci numbers or Pascal's triangle? Not to worry! Once you've read this book a few times you'll have a basic grasp of these concepts.

The pages of this book contain a lot of information and fun material, but you'll have to look closely so you don't miss any of the interactive parts, because sometimes they blend right in. It might be a good idea to run your fingers across each page to make sure you don't miss anything.

Reviewed 2013