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Mike the Knight
Mike's Daring Book of Doodles
Hit Limited

Simon Sporlight
2014 / ISBN 9781481403153
Children / Activity Book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


Here’s a fun activity book featuring Mike the Knight, some scary trolls, a dragon and three Vikings. Each page suggests various activities that range from coloring the figures on the page to adding stickers to complete the scene.

With 90 stickers there are plenty to play with, but just make sure they STAY IN THE BOOK and don’t end up on walls or elsewhere! The glossy pages will wipe clean if you used water based markers or crayons and the stickers should be reusable.

This is the ideal activity book for traveling since it can be used in tight spots like an airline seat or in a car. Be advised that this book was also released under the “Scary Stickers” name in 2013.


Reviewed 2015