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My Pop-Up World Atlas
By Anita Ganeri

Illustrated by Stephen Waterhouse

September, 2012/ ISBN 9780763660949
Children's Literature /Atlas / ages 5-8


Reviewed by Bob Walch

A novelty geography book whose pop-up features of flaps, wheels and pull tabs will attract readers five years of age and older, this detailed atlas will open the wonders of the world and making studying these maps of the various continents fun.

Visit North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Oceania and Antarctica and discover all sorts of interesting facts about the people who live in each area. There's also information about native animals, special buildings, and the natural wonders of each featured section of the globe.

Young readers will learn that the largest diamond mine in the world is quite close to the Arctic Circle in Russia and that Romania's Palace of the Parliament is the world's biggest government building. Other tidbits that may be a surprise include the fact that the CN Tower in Toronto is the tallest structure in the Americas and that Brazil has won more World Cups in soccer than any other country.

This is such a busy book with so many interactive elements and information included in each two page spread that probably an older child, say seven or eight, would get more out of the book than a younger one. The author's approach is quite eclectic when it comes to what he shares about each area. Fortunately, he also includes the flag of each nation, and indicates some of the products that are manufactured in various places, and there' s a fact file tab that highlights important facts for each geographical area.

Reviewed 2013