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My Turn to Learn Numbers
By Natalie Marshall

Little Brown Kids
2013 / ISBN 9780316251648
Children / Counting / Board book

Reviewed by Bob Walch


It is never too early to begin a child on a concept book. When a board book features cute animals like this one does, familiarizing your child with numbers from one to ten will be lots of fun.

A big brown bear will be your guide and easy to grasp tabs will make turning the pages a snap as you view two owls, three bluebirds, four flowers and five, puffy, white clouds.

On the final page, you’ll discover six small snails, seven acorns, eight ladybugs, nine multi-colored flowers and ten leaves that will also be fun to count. Use your finger to point to each object as you tally up the various objects and repeat the name as well.

This series of concept books (shapes, colors, numbers and opposites) are not only sturdy and well-designed but the illustrations should also appeal to toddlers at an early age. You might wish to collect all four.

Reviewed 2014