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One Minute Mysteries
65 More Short Mysteries You Solve With Science
Eric Yoder and Natalie Yoder

Platypus Media
November 2012/ISBN: 14391022104
Nonfiction/Science Ages 4-8

Reviewed by Willie Elliott

Eric Yoder and his daughter Natalie have published their third book on solving mysteries by using science.

These sixty-five selections offer stories with a scientific bases that lead to a practical solutions to a problem. For example, in the first story the girls find a solution to making a cage to keeps the dog out yet leave room for insects to enter and pollinate the plants.

In“Now You See It,” Grace and Melissa come up with an idea of using everyday items plus nature's own colors to do a play on how animals use camouflage to protect themselves.

Each of the sixty-five mysteries can be read quickly and are presented in a way students (ages 4-8) can understand and be entertained as they learn.

The book should be in a science classroom for students of these ages for reference and additional reading to supplement the science text book.

Reviewed 2013