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Wendy Anderson Halperin

Atheneum Books for Young Readers
January 2013 / ISBN: 978-0689825521
Nonfiction/ Picture Book / Children 4 and up


Reviewed by Willie Elliott

In light of the Newtown tragedy, this is one step toward bringing peace to children and adults. Using ideas expressed by eastern philosophers, the text combined with beautiful eye-catching illustrations (done by the author) teaches where peace resides—it resides within each of us. The book needs to be in the hands of every young person, and when they grow to be adults, they won't be so angry that they commit heinous crimes. My wife taught first grade and as soon as she saw the book, she said, “I want that book.” She saw one more opportunity to get to the hearts of kids.

Even though the book has little text, the illustrations more than make up for this lack of words (and keep in mind it is geared for youngsters.) Kids at this age get the message as much from the illustrations as the text. I plan to do a column on this book for next month's posting.

Reviewed 2013