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Rocks and Minerals Sticker Book
Natural History Museum, London, England

Natural History Museum/Trafalgar Square
12/1/2013/ ISBN 9780565093006
Children / Non-fiction / Natural Science / Ages 4-6

Reviewed by Bob Walch


This activity book features 100 stickers to showcase a wide array of rocks and minerals. The information rather basic without a lot of detail, but this is still a good, inexpensive book to get a youngster started on a study of this fascinating topic.

The young reader is encouraged to match the stickers with the text that describes rocks and minerals as well as explains how they were formed. There are also games and puzzles that will engage the youngster in the topic.

Since the stickers are reusable, you can use them in creative ways other than just pasting them in the book. For example, make flash cards with the sticker on one side and the name on the other. Perhaps you can think up a board game using the stickers or use them to create your own original picture book.

Reviewed 2014