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Salamander Season
Jennifer Keats Curtis, J. Adam Frederick and Shennen Bersani

May 27, 2015 / ISBN 9781628555653
Children / Nonfiction / Age 4-8 child

Reviewed by Bob Walch


A combination of actual photos and art takes the young reader on journey that follows the life cycle of the spotted salamander. The story begins on a rainy, spring evening as a little girl and her father, a scientist, watch as hundreds of spotted salamanders head for a vernal pool where they will breed and lay eggs.
The father-daughter duo will return over the following months to watch the salamanders develop through their complete amphibian metamorphosis which will culminate in the adult salamanders' disappearance into the surrounding woods in late summer.

For a child interested in natural history or biology this book will not only explain the process of amphibian metamorphosis but it will also hopefully excite the youngster enough that he or she will want to do further reading and even do some field studies.

Four pages of learning activities are included as well, so the reader should be immediately engaged with the topic. This book is ideal for classroom use or inclusion in a home schooling situation.

Reviewed 2015