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Stitched Paper Art For Kids
Ali Benyon

C&T Publishing/FunStitch Studio (Distributed in the UK by Search Press)
2 February 2015 / 9781607059271
Juvenile / NonFiction / Sewing

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Sewing is what you do on fabric, right? Well yes, but you can also have fun stitching on paper. In fact, it is a great way for children to learn how to use a sewing machine.

This is another book in the FunStitch Studio series on sewing for tweenage and teenage girls. Like the others, this one starts with the basics on what to buy and using a sewing machine, and show how much fun you can have from crafting. The emphasis is on pride in making something yourself, but at the same time not being afraid to ask for help if needed. I love the child-friendly approach which somehow never becomes patronizing, but sounds like the type of teacher you wish you had had. There is not too much introduction here, but mostly chapters of themed projects which is how it ought to be with a practical book ie doing rather than reading. Customize your room, make gifts, organize school stuff and decorate for holidays. Projects include jewelry, a greetings card, holiday decorations, bunting, etc. Each project is colorful and easy to follow with a large photo of the finished item, plenty of photographic stages with short captions and a useful difficulty rating. If you are wondering why the book is subtitled 22 Cheeky Pickle Sewing Projects, this is the name of the author's company. This is a great way to get girls into making things and discovering that it can be fun.

If you cannot find a good range of papers and sewing materials locally try for a list of suppliers.

UK Reviewer: Rachel Hyde's work can be found in Sewing World, Sew Hip, Popular Crafts and other magazines. Her craft blog is Green Thoughts
Reviewed 2015